Our Process

How we work

When you outsource something as important as payroll you need to know there’s a proven process in place that’s going to protect your business. Over 30 years we’ve created, updated, modified and developed a process that makes payroll simple for you. Set up is free and easy with our trained staff helping you through each step.

Once you’re ready, a dedicated team of two certified payroll professionals will manage your account. They’ll handle everything from BIKs to Pensions, including all statutory contributions & RTI, leaving you plenty of time to get on with your day job. Each payroll period you compile and approve all timesheets and other payroll changes, then we do the rest.


Data gathering

You gather the changes including address changes, pay rises, bank account changes, hours worked and anything else that is going to affect the next payroll. This may be minimal or there could be a lot of information to gather and approve.


Parallel processing

You send the information to us, and we process this through the payroll. We will apply the permanent changes where appropriate and also the variable. We will interact with HMRC to gather tax and student loan notices. The workforce is assessed for auto-enrolment and employees postponed, enrolled or have pension deductions as appropriate. Each clerk prepares your payroll based on the permanent values we hold and the instruction you provide.


Compare, Report & Audit

Once the payroll has been initially completed there are then over 100 audits checking for RTI compliance. The clerks will then compare their results with over 200 checkpoints to look for and eliminate human error. Only once the payroll has passed these checks will reports be sent back to you.


Detailed Reporting

You will receive PDF and optional .csv reports, detailing what has been calculated and reported to HMRC. There will also be copy payslips and either paper security type or online payslips for your employees. You will have a clear overview of your payroll and detailed reports to provide your auditors.


BACS Payments

You may choose to pay your employees yourself and we can provide a net payments list as a .csv to assist you but we can also pay your employees via BACS. The BACS process makes paying your employees far easier, saving you time and hassle and is worth considering for any company with greater than 10 employees.



We will report RTI to HMRC, the FPS is usually the day before pay day and the EPS around the 15th of the following month. With FBI2 authorisation we will also collect tax code and student loan notices on your behalf.


Pension Data

Depending on your pension company we can interact directly, both receiving opt out and opt in instruction and delivering the assessment and contribution data to the pension company. If your pension company is not supported we can still provide data as a .csv to assist with any upload you need to do, or the information if this is something you complete manually.


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