Payroll Bureau

What is a Payroll Bureau?


A payroll bureau is an accountancy service provider, which specialises in providing outsourced payroll services for other businesses.  Only payroll services are usually offered, but sometimes the bureau will be part of a larger organisation.

A payroll bureau will supply HMRC with information on behalf of other businesses, and may receive and act upon information from HMRC regarding those businesses.  The payroll bureau will also be a source of expertise for the business, without them employing their own payroll specialist.

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Why use a Payroll Bureau?


Any business could potentially employ the services of a payroll bureau.  Businesses will outsource to a bureau where they want efficiency savings, usually with time but often cost is a factor as well.

Many businesses do not want the ‘hassle’ of payroll.  They are looking for peace of mind and reliability, and an organisation they can speak to if they have questions.  They are looking for reliable payroll and not disgruntled staff every pay day.  They may also be aiming to avoid HMRC fines and penalties.

A clear audit trail can also be an advantage.  There is a clear separation between information supplied to the payroll bureau, the information sent to HMRC and the reports received by the business.  The information sent to the payroll bureau can even come from one department, whereas the reports are sent back to another.

Some businesses outsource because they are concerned with confidentiality.  The reports can only be seen by designated members of the team, and if employee payment is made via BACS, the bank statement may only show the bulk wage transaction.  Timesheets and time and attendance approval can also be more easily delegated, as hourly rates are held at the bureau and so only hours need to be submitted.

Why use Payroll Options as your Payroll Bureau?


Payroll Options is well established and offers an accurate and reliable service.  There are numerous internal audits to ensure RTI compliance with HMRC, and every payroll it processed in parallel and then cross checked for errors.  We expect 100% first time accuracy.

By outsourcing to Payroll Options we expect you to experience hassle free payroll through a simple but powerful solution.

How much does a payroll bureau cost?


Outsourcing your payroll is usually not as expensive as you think.  Payroll Options is a specialist business that already has the right team, processes and software in place to deliver over 60,000 payslips every month.  That includes in-depth reporting, RTI, statutory contributions, BIK, online payslips, and more.

To find out how much your payroll would cost, use our cost calculator.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing is time.  When you’re working on your payroll it seems like your ‘To Do’ list just keeps getting longer. Let us help you save time and deliver a first class service for all your payroll needs.

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