"The cost saving is considerable, £3k
a year from subscriptions alone."

We asked Martin of ML Accessories what he liked so much about working with Payroll Options:

Why do you outsource your payroll?

To save time.  Outsourcing our payroll gives us the freedom to concentrate on other projects within the finance function. We selected Payroll Options because we like the people, they seemed highly capable and we got on well.

What is it that keeps you with Payroll Options?

It’s reliability.  Payroll is a critical business function after all.  We get decent reports, and everyone gets paid on time, that’s the main thing. Payroll Options are everything you would want from an outsourced payroll provider and the initial payroll that we get back is usually spot-on.

How much do you think Payroll Options save you each month?

They do the bulk of the work, we do the checking of course, but setting up BACS payments can take a day or so, plus all the charges means the cost saving is considerable – at least £3k a year from software subscriptions alone.

Would you recommend Payroll Options?

Yes, I recommend outsourcing. We did it to focus on running our business. Payroll Options are great, they give us a heads-up when there is likely to be a heavy workload like Christmas, end of year or regulatory changes so we can be prepared – they’re on the ball and have always been responsive.

They’re everything that you would want from an outsourced payroll provider


M L Accessories, 80 – 100 employees

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Want to know more?

Payroll Options usually costs less than you think. We apply a simple ‘cost per payslip’ which helps you plan your budgets across the year according to your headcount and frequency.

Use our payroll calculator to see how much outsourcing our payroll could be.

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