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What Payroll Solution Do You Need?

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Payroll is a very important part of your business activities. Having a well-motivated and happy workforce can make a huge difference to a business’s performance and wellbeing.

Find the Correct Payroll Solution

Although payroll cannot give you a well-motivated, happy workforce, if you get your payroll wrong then you are very unlikely to achieve this. Find the correct payroll solution for your business and you will find life a lot simpler, but get it wrong and it can be a real chain around your neck.

The payroll solution should take a minimal amount of time to prepare, provide quick and accurate results, and meaningful and useful reports. There are many options from DIY, to cloud based SARS, to full bureau services.

The Payroll Solution to fit YOUR Business Needs

There is diversity in payroll solutions because there is no one size fits all option. So, although it may sound obvious, you need to consider what is important to you and your business, what is a must have and what is a nice to have. Sometimes there will be items to avoid.

What Should You Consider?

  • Hassle from employees because their payslip is wrong on pay day: For most people this is a very high priority to eliminate this, but some people accept this and are not worried if the problem remains and see corrections after pay day as part of the normal business process.
  • Time: How much time can be devoted to the payroll, and can it be guaranteed at every payday? So using something that is time intensive when you are already pushed, is probably unwise.
  • Straightforward Reports: This is important for many people but again this may be a lower priority. It is important you know what is happening with your payroll and why.
  • Cost: Are you able to fully calculate the costs involved with a solution, including those costs that are sometimes hidden such as training and preparation / processing time?
  • Data: Not everyone wants data but for some people this is essential. Can your payroll solution produce data, as for instance an Excel or .csv file?
  • How to transfer the information to the payroll solution: Do you want to key into an online portal, use time and attendance output, provide a complete spreadsheet or use locally installed software? Do you want to supply minimal information?
  • Training: do you want /need in-house payroll expertise?
  • Support: What level of support will you receive? Some people will be happy with just emails, others will want to phone, and some will not need any.
  • Data Protection: Do you know if your data will be held in the UK on secure servers?

There a multitude of other factors to consider as well, such as back-ups, disaster recovery, software failure, key staff absence, notice periods etc.


Choosing the right payroll solution for you is not always easy. We are a payroll bureau that do our best to provide hassle free payroll but we do not suit every company, and every company does not suit us.

If you wish to discuss your payroll needs, and see whether our bureau solution may fit, please contact us