Are you a Reluctant Payroll Hero?

This month Payroll Options is celebrating all the Reluctant Payroll Heroes. Those MDs, CEOs and Senior Managers that take up the payroll mantle when no one else will. Those men and women that work late, give up their weekends and make it their business to make sure the payroll goes through on time, every time.

I guess, after all, it is your business.

If you run the payroll for your business you know how important it is to get right and if you’ve ever missed a payroll you know the problems that can cause for your business, your reputation and your staff.

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Outsourcing your payroll could cost less than 1%†

Your people are the ones that make things happen, the ones that move your business forward and come payday you’re not going to let them down. Evenings, holidays, weekends, it doesn’t matter – when the payroll’s due the Reluctant Payroll Hero steps in to make sure the job is done right.

It’s part of who you are, part of your unspoken promise to every member of your team that you won’t let them down. It’s a trust thing, we know that you’re never going to let anything get in the way which is why we’re here to help you.

Did you know that one of the most popular times for people to search “Outsourced Payroll” is 10am on the last Sunday of the month? Seriously, I’m not kidding – you’re not alone.

Helping over 600 Payroll Heroes get their evenings and weekends back!

With such importance on the payroll there’s no surprise you’re taking ownership yourself – it’s who you are but there is a better way. Each month we help over 600 Reluctant Payroll Heroes get their weekends & evenings back whilst ensuring their staff get paid on time, every time.

We are Payroll Options, your faithful sidekick to help when it matters. The K9 to your Doctor Who, the Robin to your Batman or the Penny to your Inspector Gadget. We deliver a payroll service that’s second to none with our own high tech department, two UK data centres with proven back-up, security and disaster recovery plans.

Two for the price of one

Still not sure? Every payroll we run is processed twice to eliminate errors and ensure that your payroll is run right first time, every time.

Still not sure? Use the calculator below to find out how how little is costs to outsource you payroll to a partner trusted by over 600 UK business, for most of our clients it’s less than 1%† of their total payroll costs.

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Good payroll systems influence your business in a number of ways, here are just a few of the effects it can have on your organisation.

Employee morale

The first and most obvious aspect to payroll is to properly, accurately and reliable compensate employees for their time. Payrolls are usually managed weekly or monthly and the impact of a late or incorrect salary payment can be detrimental to the morale of the individual or team. Many employees rely on their salary to pay bills, mortgage or rent payments so a missed payment can have severe consequences which is why Payroll Options provides every client with 2 payroll administrator who run each payroll in parallel to ensure that we deliver an accurate and on time payroll, every time.

Regulatory compliance

In the UK there are a number of statutory payments that need to be managed correctly to ensure that neither the business nor employee misses out. These include Tax, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay & student loans. It’s important that these are administered correctly to avoid potential losses. At Payroll Options we are BACS approved and have multiple data validation steps and audits to ensure RTI compliance with HMRC.

Reputation Impact

A consistent, reliable and accurate payroll service helps to reassure employees that the business they are working for cares about their welfare, but it also ensures that their legal obligations are met. The efficiency of meeting tax regulations helps establish an employer’s reputation which will ultimately help to attract the best talent or, at the very least, a bad reputation will certainly put off the best talent.

Save time and resources

Managing a payroll, especially as your business grows, can be a very complex and time-consuming process. With each employee the volume of funds grows and the margin for error increases. As such most organisations have done away with their spreadsheets (does anyone remember Lotus Notes?) and chosen one of two solutions: Self-managed using payroll software or outsourced through a payroll bureau. Whilst payroll software promises to reduce the resources needed to manage your payroll it increases complexity and can cause some business to run into problems as they automate inefficient or incorrect processes whilst outsourcing your payroll completely removes the administration burden from your business allowing you to free up time and resources. If you’re managing your own payroll then imagine how you could redeploy that time more efficiently by simply outsourcing this function?

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your payroll then Payroll Option offer a no set up fees and we’ll manage, advise and administer the payroll for your organisation. Call us now on 01908 377 448.

1% cost is based on the majority of our customers with an average salary of £2000.

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What Payroll Options Offer

Our payroll service helps guarantee compliance with payroll legislation and statutory requirements. We put time into training our staff, so that they will be up to date with the latest legislation. We are able to provide support if required, and are happy to work with finance and human resource teams.

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