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Online Payslips

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In November 2013 we announced the introductions of Electronic Payslips for our clients with offerings of both PDF Payslips by E-mail and Online Payslips.
This is not only better for the environment but can also save you time in distributing the payslips and money if you post the payslips to your employees. We do not require that all of your employees receive electronic payslips, some can continue to receive the traditional payslip instead should they wish.


Online Payslips
We can confirm that our Online Payslips are now available.
With Online Payslips, on your paydate your employees would receive an email notifying them that there is a new payslip to view. Your employee can then log on to a secure website and view their new payslip along with their previously uploaded payslips. Your employee can also update their email address and their security settings without your involvement. Employees can also access their payslip using a mobile phone app.

The Online Payslip website can be branded so that it can display your company logo and a number of your corporate colours so that it looks both familiar but also professional to your employees. There is a set-up cost of £50.

If you would like to view a sample version of the Online Payslips website please email Helpdesk@PayrollOptions.com as we will send you test logon details, which has been branded as an example using our logo and corporate colours.


Automatic Upgrade from PDF Payslips by Email to Online Payslips
There have been a small number of minor issues with the PDF Payslips by E-mail which means that we will be migrating clients from PDF Payslips by E-mail to the Online Payslips system. For clients migrating from PDF Payslips by Email to Online Payslips the set-up cost will be waived, and the current charges will remain the same as below.


Cost of Electronic Payslips
Due to the extra procedures required for Online Payslips there are additional charges. We have endeavoured to keep these to a minimum by considering small savings made elsewhere by no longer printing and posting traditional payslips for the employees concerned.
We are pleased to announce that the costs previously mentioned for On-line Payslips are now the same as for the PDF Payslips by Email, which are as follows:


Payslip Type Availability Service Cost per Payday Cost per Payslip Set-up Cost
Online Now £2.50 £0.15 £50


How to join Online Payslips
If you would like to join Online Payslips please email Helpdesk@PayrollOptions.com. We will need details of employees email addresses which must be typed rather than hand written. There is a simple registration process that the employees will be invited to undertake before being able to view their payslips, we will give you a step by step example of this.