[11:49] Stuart Hogg

New Staff

By October 30, 2014No Comments

Payroll Options continues to expand and welcomes two new members of staff to the team. Rochelle and Kate joined our main payroll team this month, so watch out for the new names on your payroll reports.


Our roll out of the online payslips continues to gather momentum and has been well received. We are amazed at how many employees really do not care about their payslips, it would be interesting to know how many paper payslips were actually read and filed. Most companies have well over 50% of employees accessing their payslips, but for some this has been considerably less.


The real power of the online scheme is the ability to view archived material, this will only be seen as the number of payslips published continues to grow. There is also the Android and iOS app available.


There was no plan to mention auto-enrolment this week, but the figures have been released regarding compliance for the period July-September, and there has been an increase in notices and fines issued. The Pensions Regulator has also realised there are only likely to be more issues as time goes by, as small and micro employers start to enrol. Watch out for the advertisements!