"We trust them, that’s the most
important thing in business."

These are a few questions that we asked Peter Moth at Astramerix, here’s what he had to say.

How long have you been with Payroll Options?

We’ve been relying on Payroll Options for over 14 years!  We split from another payroll company but had no experience of doing it ourselves so engaged Payroll Options shortly after.  They were great from the start, and we continue to work with them over a decade later!

Why did you choose Payroll Options?

They were recommended to us by a colleague. We were going through a tender process at the time and looked at three or four other companies but felt we could work with Payroll Options most easily.  They fitted what we were after.

What is it that keeps you with them?

They give us fantastic service, and nothing is ever too much trouble.  When we make mistakes their processes pick them up straight away, we’re informed and they’re corrected before they make it through to the final payroll. All in all we have a very good working relationship, we get on well and we trust them to get the payroll done on-time.

Would you recommend Payroll Options?

Oh God, yes. In fact we have! We get on very well. We use first names. We trust them, that’s the most important thing in business.

We trust them, that’s the most important thing in business.

Peter Moth

Astramerix, 50 – 100 employees, multiple pay frequencies 

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