"We get more value
than we pay for."

James Harding takes care of things over at Window Ware, we decided to check-in and make sure everything was OK with his payroll.

Why do you outsource your payroll?

Because the cost of the admin is more than the cost of the bureau. It’s a simple as that.  We get more value than we pay for.  We looked at both options, to outsource or to employ someone, and discovered that both part time or full time cost more.

Why did you choose Payroll Options?

Everyone gets paid. They do a fine job and their people are professional. It’s a logical choice unless you have the skillset.

What is it that keeps you with them?

They’re very, very good to work with. Easy to deal with and can accommodate our eccentricities. I can’t speak highly enough.

How does time saved impact your other responsibilities?

It’s fantastic.  Projects used to slow down toward the end of the month as payroll took priority. Outsourcing it allows me to focus on other things. It’s 100 miles per hour so there’s always lots going on.  Payroll Options open up my diary to focus on the important and the critical things of the day.

What parts of the service do you think can be improved, and how?

None – Payroll Options gives us exactly what it says on the tin. We get more value than we pay for, and they take care of everything for us. Payroll, BACS, RTI, Pension contributions, statutory payments.  All taken care of.

Would you recommend Payroll Options?

Absolutely – 100%. I have recommended already to a number of peers. They’re solid as they come, and I recommend them in a heartbeat.

We get more value than we pay for, and they take care of everything for us.

James Harding

Window Ware, 10-50 payslips, monthly

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Want to know more?

Payroll Options usually costs less than you think. We apply a simple ‘cost per payslip’ which helps you plan your budgets across the year according to your headcount and frequency.

Use our payroll calculator to see how much outsourcing our payroll could be.

Payroll calculator

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