"In our experience, outsourcing
has proven cost effective."

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Why do you outsource your payroll?

Payroll processing is a technical area. If we handled it in-house we would need someone, but it wouldn’t be a full-time role so we pay to get the expertise.  If we were to employ someone, and then lose them for whatever reason, that knowledge would be lost. So, it’s cost-effective for us and ensures the continuity of technical expertise for our business.

How long have you worked with Payroll Options?

Years!  I don’t remember exactly when they started working with us but they’re a part of our process now.  I wouldn’t leave them, they’re part of the team.

How much time do you think you save each month with Payroll Options?

That’s difficult to quantify for us, it’s not a full-time role and we get a quick turnaround from Payroll Options. I also don’t know what it would cost to set up the background systems needed to run a successful payroll…..and that’s without having to update our legal knowledge and legislative knowledge to make sure we’re compliant. The short answer, a lot.

Outsourcing is cost effective and ensures the continuity of technical expertise for our business.

Peter Willis

The Futon Company, 100 – 200 employees

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Payroll Options usually costs less than you think. We apply a simple ‘cost per payslip’ which helps you plan your budgets across the year according to your headcount and frequency.

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