[11:49] Stuart Hogg

Holiday Entitlement

This is an area we frequently get asked about.  The answer is more in the realms of a Human Resources department than payroll but we do have people that can offer general guidance regarding the statutory minimum.  A worker working 5 days is entitled to 28 days paid leave, if they work for 6 days this is not increased but working less will see a pro rata reduction.

However, it can be complicated!  There will be contractual considerations.  Irregular hours can make life more awkward, as can sickness or maternity/paternity leave.  For a definitive answer you need your HR department.  If you do not have an HR department consider one of the employer legal helplines.  There is also this web link –


Holiday entitlement should not be difficult but disputes can occur, it is much better to have a proper policy in place before you develop a problem.