Ipswich Glass, a leading manufacturer of sealed glazed units, were seeking an urgent payroll solution

Steve was finding managing the payroll difficult.  Every week, 24 employees needed to be paid, and HMRC needed the RTI submission, the process was complex, but the biggest issue was time.

Although a time and attendance system gave him the hours for the staff, he still had to calculate extra payments and deductions, and put everything through his payroll software.

Time that should have been spent managing the business was being diverted to processing the company payroll.  Steve decided to contact Payroll Options and see what may be possible.

The Solution

The first thing to discuss with Steve was where the problems with the current system were, and what he was hoping to achieve.  It quickly became apparent that where Steve once had been coping perfectly well, as the company had grown the payroll had increasingly become a burden.

Systems that had seemed logical, and allowed everything to be processed smoothly, had now become a cumbersome and a barrier to other work.  Some systems were working very well, but others needed to be changed or removed from the process all together.

Payroll Options stripped back the process, removed much of the data manipulation, and reduced Steve’s input dramatically, resulting in a far more streamlined process.  The data was taken directly using a summary from the time and attendance system, rather than Steve having to spend time adding data to a complex spreadsheet he had developed.

Rather than Steve then having to move the data to a payroll system, the data was already with Payroll Options and suddenly the arduous task of submitting RTI on time was simple, and the headache was gone.

There was some work to bring everything together and a few issues along the way, but working together the payroll was up to date and an easy to use payroll system was in place.

The Result

Ipswich Glass now have a great payroll solution in place, built around their needs.  They were able to keep the existing time and attendance system they were used to, but achieved a substantial time saving every week.

“It couldn’t be easier, and was just what we were looking for “
Steve Brown, Ipswich Glass

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What Payroll Options Offer

Our payroll service helps guarantee compliance with payroll legislation and statutory requirements. We put time into training our staff, so that they will be up to date with the latest legislation. We are able to provide support if required, and are happy to work with finance and human resource teams.

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