Jo joined Hay Veterinary Group as practice manager with a background in Human Resources and Management. She soon realised she was expected to run the payroll, which was to be processed internally, using specialist software. For her team of 23 staff this was not always a simple and quick task, especially as the majority were hourly paid.

In the past, as part of a large organisation, she had liaised with a finance team that had taken care of payroll. Having to administer it herself, and make submissions to HMRC, was a completely new experience. She already knew the importance of payroll being completed accurately first time, that payroll was complex, and that she did not really have time to complete the payroll satisfactorily let alone take time out to be payroll trained. There were many more productive tasks that Jo could be doing.

The Solution:

Following a mailing from the Veterinary Practice Managers Association, Jo gave Payroll Options a call to discuss a three month free trial to see the difference between an outsourced solution and carrying on with the current software.

Although there were some initial issues with trying to extract reports from her powerful, yet complex, payroll software Jo was able to send everything needed to Payroll Options for the trial. The payroll soon was set up, all issues resolved and the trial could start.

It became apparent that although Jo had all the basics working there were some issues with how she was processing the payroll. Jo, working with Bob at Payroll Options, was confident that she was receiving expert advice and that they could improve how the payroll was working for her. Payroll Options were working quietly in the background with no fuss or bother, and the reports were quickly returned.

The trial was a success, Jo and the partners decided to move the payroll provision to Payroll Options and in month 4 Payroll Options went ‘live’ for the payroll.

The Result:

Despite Jo improving the way she managed the payroll herself, and learning a surprising amount about payroll in a short time, she still decided that outsourcing was the best option for her and her company. She would not have to worry about an incorrect calculation or submission, and suddenly she would have more time to spend on everything else she needed to complete.

Jo also decided to take up the option of BACS payments to automate the payments to her staff. Keying in individual amounts via online banking was one of the chores that really needed to go, and the opportunity for Payroll Options to make the payments on her behalf was too good to miss.

Jo now has peace of mind that the payroll is being looked after correctly, more time in her day, and can even take holiday around pay day.

If you’d like help with your payroll in your Veterinary Practice, call us now on 01908 630 777.

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