McCue Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of safety barriers and protection products, were looking for assistance with their UK payroll.

They were currently outsourcing the payroll but felt out of control and poorly served experiencing issues with an overly complex preparation process, and unreliable and inaccurate results. They wanted to find a reliable payroll service that was less arduous to work with, but responsive to their needs.

The Solution

Carole, the Financial Controller, had initially spoke to Bob at Payroll Options a year earlier, but the timing was not right and internal factors meant no change at that time. Carole then approached Payroll Options again to see what might be possible.

After an initial conversation, which highlighted several areas which seemed to be causing issues, a meeting was set up. At the meeting Carole could see how her workload and worry could be reduced, and at the same time the chance of getting better information, and the hope of an accurate payroll.

There were several key areas identified:

  • Reduce the amount of data movement with each payroll, as this was seen as an area for errors to occur. Carole felt that much of the time she was trying to supply the same data every month
  • Simplify and facilitate the transfer of information between McCue and Payroll Options. There were a number of steps proposed but the probably the largest difference was to maintain an open dialogue. Speaking to each other to make sure instructions were interpreted correctly.
  • Divide the staff to cost centres. This was very simple but for some reason had never been implemented correctly.
  • Provide useful reports. At this time it was identified that a file to import to excel to manipulate and extract data as Carole needed would be useful. The simple PDF reports as an overview were also much more helpful than Carole was expecting

The Result

Just improving the data transfer, and simplifying the process, reduced the amount of time Carole had to spend preparing the payroll, while at the same time increasing her confidence that the payroll would be processed correctly.

The McCue payroll is now running very smoothly. The staff are paid via BACS, and Carole is not chasing for payslips and dealing with disgruntled employees. Being able to speak to the person processing the payroll has been extremely helpful, and the data Carole is presented with is good.

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