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David joined Entura as their Head of HR looking after both permanent and casual workers.  He was brought in to manage the HR departments development and found that the payroll caused significant stress whilst distracting the team from achieving their strategic objectives.

“Having interacted with payroll options on a similar project at another organisation I was confident that, from the get go, Payroll Options would enable my HR team to concentrate on more pressing HR strategic objectives. The professionalism from the day we signed with Payroll Options has been second to none. Customer Centred service (down to knowing who was taking care of our monthly run) allows me to have a person to talk to if I have any questions.” – David O’Reilly, Entura International

He wanted to provide his new business with a robust payroll solution whilst freeing up valuable time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The Solution

David decided a good first step was to outsource the headquarters’ payroll and was given the go ahead by the board. After reviewing the market, he approached a number of payroll providers and produced a shortlist which included Payroll Options.

Given the critical nature of payroll the department undertook a detailed review of all shortlisted companies to compare service levels and look for the best cultural fit.  Once the dust had settled Payroll Options were chosen as offering the solution that best suited their needs and the decision was taken to move in January. Although this was late in the tax year, it was felt that Payroll Options were better equipped to manage the end of year procedures, including issuing P60s, and provide an online solution to help avoid time taken later in the year issuing duplicates.

The Result

The payroll was transferred towards the end of the tax year and all employee data was securely transferred to Payroll Options.  Once received at our data centre our team set to work reviewing all the information and available data, as this was brought together we noticed a few issues that needed attention. We raised each point with Entura before working with HMRC to produce a working solution that corrected all discrepancies by the end of the tax year.

The flow of information between Entura and Payroll Options then enabled a far more responsive payroll than managing the service in house. We also offered advice on aspects of the auto-enrolment pensions, such as postponement periods, that enabled the payroll service to run more smoothly.

David now has a reliable payroll service that has enabled him to concentrate on his role within HR. He is able to access expert help and advice as needed and no longer has to worry about not meeting statutory requirements.

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What Payroll Options Offer

Our payroll service helps guarantee compliance with payroll legislation and statutory requirements. We put time into training our staff, so that they will be up to date with the latest legislation. We are able to provide support if required, and are happy to work with finance and human resource teams.

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